Benign essential tremor treatment, causes, symptoms and diagnosis

Uncontrolled shaking of any part of the body usually limbs is called benign essential tremor. These tremors are more visible during the performance of voluntary activities. The disease can target person of any age but people above age of 40 are mostly affected. Benign essential tremor is divisible in two types postural tremor which are caused due to certain position while kinetic tremors causes shaking while doing some activity. It is differentiated from Parkinson’s as the tremors are not prominent during stationary state, tremors are not associated with other diseases and legs and chin are normally not involved. It is also known as presenile tremor syndrome.

Benign essential tremor causes:
The benign essential tremor causes is not yet known but experiments shows that it is due to inherited genetic mutation. The main defect is in cerebellum, cerebellothalamocortical circuits and purkinje cell where degenerative changes and cell loss occurs.
Benign essential tremor symptoms:
The main benign essential tremor symptoms is shaking or uncontrolled movement in hands arms and head causing difficulty in performance of fine motor skills such as sewing, drawing, writing etc. Shaking in voice is also observed. These symptoms have gradual onset. As a person ages, the tremor frequency decreases and its intensity increases. In very few cases tremors stay mild throughout the life.

Benign essential tremor diagnosis:
Benign essential tremor diagnosis:is mainly done on the bases of medical and family history. Neurological tests to check reflexes, muscle strength and gait are done. Performance tests are also done to determine neurological function. Lab tests include thyroid function test, complete blood CP, alcohol levels and levels of tremor causing chemicals.
Benign essential tremor treatment:
Medical benign essential tremor treatment is multi drug therapy including beta blockers, anti-seizure drugs and anti psychotics which have many side effects. Benign essential tremor herbal product is made up to totally natural herbs and free of any unwanted side effects. Surgical brain stimulation can also be done but it can causes motor control problems such as speech difficulties, headaches and weakness. This is why benign essential tremor herbal product should be used for the treatment. It can alone take care of all the symptoms.
Benign essential tremor complications:
Benign essential tremor is not fatal but with time simple activities such as holding a cup, eating, talking and writing can become a problem, severally effecting quality of life. As it is a genetically inherited condition there is no known way to prevent it.


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