Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome is characterized by recurrent burning sensation effecting tongue, palate, lips or whole mouth. The disease incidence is higher in middle aged and old women but can affect a person of any age. Burning mouth syndrome normally occurs in association with other dental diseases or diseases effecting mouth. It is also known as scalded mouth syndrome, burning lip syndrome, burning tongue syndrome, stomatodynia and glossodynia.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Epidemiology

Burning Mouth Syndrome is only 4% prevalent with effecting women 3-7 times more than men with no racial predilection. Patients with gastro intestinal and urogenital disease are more at risk of developing this disease.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes

The exact Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes is unknown but it can be divided into primary idiopathic whose cause is unknown and  secondary burning mouth syndrome which can be caused due to nerve damage controlling pain and taste, hormonal changes, xerostmia, nutritional deficiencies, oral candidiasis, gastro intestinal reflex disease, allergies, anxiety, Sjögren Syndrome, anemia, diabetes, leukoplakia, mandibular fracture, radiation induced stomatitis, nasal obstraction , scleroderma and depression.  The proposed mechanism with which these conditions lead to burning mouth syndrome is changes in nociceptive fibers by neuropathic ways.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Symptoms

The Burning Mouth Syndrome Symptoms include bilaterally burning mouth, deep oral mucosal pain, xerostomia, dysgeusia, taste changes such as metallic tastes. The symptoms are present for at least 4-6 months and are aggravated with eating and drinking. With progression taste can be completely lost. Burning is the main presenting symptom.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Diagnosis

There is no particular test for burning mouth syndrome diagnosis instead it is done on the basis of exclusion of other diseases. For this, oral cultures, biopsies, allergy tests, gastric reflex tests, MRI and CT scans are done.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment

Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment is based on the underlining cause and presentation of symptoms. Burning mouth syndrome herbal product is the best available Natural Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome. It is made of total natural products and not only treat the underlying cause but also release uncomfortable symptoms.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Complications

Burning mouth syndrome can usually cause complication due to associated discomfort. This includes difficulty in sleeping, depression, anxiety and difficulty in eating.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Prevention

There is no way for prevention of burning mouth syndrome but the discomfort can be reduced by avoiding tobacco, acidic and spicy food, carbonated beverages, and stress.


 Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome

Milk and Honey combination can be considered as an effective Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome as Milk and Honey can support in increasing the blood passage. Take 2 teaspoonful of honey and mixed it in a glass of boiled milk and take it daily for better result.

Meanwhile, you can try some simple Burning Mouth Syndrome Natural Remedies to reduce the severity of symptoms and prevent complication

By : Natural Herbs Clinic


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