Treatment of Eye Bags, Causes, Symptoms, Complications

What Are Eye Bags, also known as peri-orbital puffiness is a physiological or sometimes pathological condition characterized by the swelling of tissues below the eyes. It may be age-related or disease-related leading to gradual or rapid weakening of supporting tissues around the eyes. It is rarely associated with any serious medical disorder but becomes a reason of cosmetic concern in many patients.

Causes Of Eye Bags:

Many Eye Bags Causes have been identified by the physicians but their prominence is associated with senility and fatigue. As muscles get weak with age, migration of fat occurs from below the eyes, which otherwise support it, this redistributed fat presents itself under the eyes as eye bags. Eye puffiness is also seen in patients with irregular sleep cycles. Any fluid retention disease of the body such as excessive salt consumption, pregnancy or menstrual hormonal changes in female leads to puffiness of eyes due to retention and accumulation of fluid in subcutaneous tissues. Stress and fatigue that is occuring as a result of chronic alcohol abuse and smoking, ultimately leads to eye bags. Allergic conditions also produce eye bags due to leakage from highly permeable capillaries. Eye bag is associated with diseases such as periorbital cellulitis, nephritic syndrome, trypanosomiasis, superior vena caval onstruction, trichinosis, polyneuropathies etc

Symptoms Of Eye Bags:

Saggy loose skin will be present around the eyes along with dark circles surrounding the eye, constituting Symptoms of Eye Bags. Swelling under the eyes will also lead to excessive watering from the eyes.

Complications Of Eye Bags:

Complications of eye bags include the presence of persistent and severe swelling around the eyes which will not regress even with the appropriate medical treatment. Eyes may become red. Itching and pain is also experienced by the patient. If swelling occurs in other parts of the body as well such as legs it presents as a matter of serious concern.

How to Get Rid of Eye Bag:

Since we comprehend the primary driver of the situation, now we can address the cures on how to get rid of eye bag issues.

There are likewise eye creams that can assist to Eye Bags Removal. The most excellent eye cream works fast. You can apply it all over twice per day or as coordinated.

Treatment Of Eye Bags:

Eye Bags Treatment is symptomatic and depends upon on the underlying cause however excessive swelling due to fluid retention can be reversed by consumption of plenty of water. This will drain the excessive salts from the body. Avoidance of alcohol, coffee etc is advised, cold compresses are indicated to treat the patient. Soothing effect can be provided by putting cucumber pieces over the eyes. Sliced potato and wet tea bags are used as astringents. Change in sleeping posture also helps. Treatment of cause treats the condition. Good care of face, moisturization of skin and use of sunscreen is advised to the patient along with therapy with vitamin A, E and C. senility related eye bags can only be treated by surgical procedures like blepharoplasty which is associated with pain and side effects. Eye bags herbal product made from pure Herbs, contains all the extracts needed to provide soothing effect to the eyes and completely cures the condition by eliminating the swelling and puffiness by the herbal mixture’s strength.

By : Natural Herbs Clinic

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