Burning Mouth Syndrome- A Multifactorial Condition

It is a chronic pain syndrome defined as the burning and painful feeling in mouth with no certain organic cause. Currently, it’s considered neurological and not at all psychogenic as this was believed previously. A lot more names are used to define or relate these conditions such as orodynia (a burning mouth) plus Glossodynia (a burning tongue).


What is Burning Mouth Syndrome is seen in post-menopausal women; however males are not excluded to be saved. The chances increase with the advancing age. Its hard to see individuals prior their age of thirty. Besides, no ethnic or racial differences have been actually reported.


Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes are due to medications where some tend to dry your mouth, denture hygiene, diabetes, skin conditions, lack of vitamins and iron in the body that are good for your oral health, hormonal status as the burning mouth can develop during the period of menopause.


There are three main Symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome, abnormal taste (metallic/bitter taste), dry mouth sensation (saliva production to be reduced), and oral pain (burning sensation like scald due to drinking a hot liquid). Others may include bad breath, relief of the symptom due to particular food item, difficulty in swallowing, excessive saliva and many others.


Thorough clinical examination of the patient is performed including oral cavity. The top area of tongue is examined to have a complex architecture. The entire surfaces in mouth are check for the ulceration. Examination of nails and skin is done for some systematic reasons of oral pain also including hormonal disturbances, lichen planus and nutritional deficiencies.


Clinical examination plus tests are conducted aimed to find organic explanation regarding symptoms. Investigations can include the screening in order to find out nutritional deficiencies. The hormone levels specially menopause and thyroid, Blood sugar, patch tests regarding any contact allergy, mucosal biopsy (rarely) and sialometry for the saliva production. Natural Herbs Clinic has successfully made burning mouth product that can effectively overcome BMS causing no side effects at all.w


As mentioned before, women tend to have more chances to have BMS then men. Risk factors involved are respiratory tract infection, food allergies, past dental procedures, medications, trauma and stress.


In many cases, due to disabling condition, active Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment is done. Improvement is truly unpredictable. Dryness is usually resistance to the therapy. In other cases topical steroids trazodone and benzydamine hydrochloride are also used for burning mouth syndrome, but has disappointedly caused the affected patients withdrawing due to certain side effects such as dizziness etc. Anti depressant, anxiolytic medications, anti-convulsants, hormone replacement therapy and behavior therapy are also conducted in such prevailing conditions, however all in all, few may have some horrifying side effects while others may work to an extent. If asked an expert at natural herbs clinic, burning mouth is the only solution to such a painful disorder that may affect you entirely, made from hundred percent natural ingredients, burning mouth has successfully won hearts of thousands of patients suffering from the mentioned disorder. Above all, it has no side effect at all.  Burning Mouth Syndrome Natural Remedies are proven to be effective in treating the symptoms of burning tongue syndrome.

Home Remedies for Burning Mouth

Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome

The lavender oil is originated to be useful Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome due to its antiseptic properties. Applying a layer of lavender oil can support in treating to burn mouth as well as growing the blood movement. The antibacterial properties of margosa leaves are cooperative in Burning Mouth Syndrome Natural Treatment. Natural toothpaste can be organized by grating a hand full of margosa leaves and can be apply every day for brushing your teeth.

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