Emphysema leads to decreased lung surface area

What is emphysema?

emphysema definition. Emphysema is a condition which is caused due to abnormal air buildup in the alveolar sacs. This leads to alveolar wall destruction and can lead to the formation of scar tissue as well. Progressive shortness of the breath is the main symptom experienced by the individual. The most probable cause is cigarette smoking while several other reasons are also suspected. Loss of alveolar elasticity leads to lung collapse and the surface area of the lung is also decreased. The disease is un treatable but its progression can be controlled along with the management of the symptoms. What is emphysema herbal product by natural herbs clinic is the best thing available for this purpose.

Emphysema symptoms:

an individual can have emphysema for several years without showing any emphysema symptoms at all. Shortness of breath is mostly the first to appear followed by cough, wheezing, decreased exercise tolerance, depression, loss of apetite and loss of sleep as observed by experts at natural herbs clinic.

Emphysema cause:

long term exposure to irritants present commonly in air is the emphysema cause. It includes tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke, air pollutants, industrial fumes and coal or silica dust. Deficiency o f a protein known as alpha antitrypsin can also be the cause. People above the age of 40 years are likelier to suffer from the disease as compared to younger individuals.

Emphysema pathophysiology:

the inflammatory process triggered by the irritant inhalation leads to neutrophylic and machroghagic recurrment along with increase in growth factor which encourages structural change. The stress enhances the inflammatory process leading to protease, antiprotease imbalance which will in turn lead to destruction of elastin and enlargement of air spaces. The alveoli most affected are of terminal bronchioles.

Emphysema complications:

pneumothorax with the already compromised lung function can be life threatening. Other then this emphysema can lead to heart problems such as core pulmonale. Giant bulla formation, leading to decrease lung surface area and providing a site for infective organisms is another possible emphysema complication, as determined by the experts at natural herbs clinic.

Emphysema prevention: the prevention of this disease is relatively easy. Quiet smoking, avoid second hand smoke and protect your lungs from industrial and chemical fumes.

Surgical emphysema:

Surgical emphysema occurs when air/gas is situated in the subcutaneous tissues. This frequently occurs in the chest, face or neck.

Bullous emphysema:

Bullous emphysema can happen in one or equally lungs and is characterized by the attendance of one or quite a few abnormally big air spaces surrounded by comparatively normal lung tissue.

Emphysema treatment:

several medications are used to stop the progression of the disease and manage the symptoms but reformation of previously effected alvolie is impossible. Two things are effective for the management of this condition first avoid smoking and secondly use emphysema treatment herbal product prepared by the experts at natural herbs clinic.

Emphysema prognosis:

Pulmonary function testing is done to determine the emphysema which in turn is used to determine emphysema prognosis. individuals with stage one disease will have 80% survival rate, 50% survival rate of stage 2 individuals, 30% survival for stage 3 patients 18% survival rate of individuals having stage 4 disease is determined. The figure varies widely and exact predication of an individual’s condition is impossible.


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