Permanent Solution for Grey Hair

Before a decade or two persons use to color their hair in natural ways. But, due to the huge development in the field of cosmetics, everything became artificial and natural to use. With all these advancements, Coloring your gray hair is no more a big deal. But, what if the chemicals in the hair dyes leave your hair dry, dull and lifeless? Not just these effects, but sometimes they may increase problems like Itching, Hair breakage and skin discoloration. So, it’s time to switch from synthetic dyes to natural remedies for premature gray hair treatment.

Best Treatment for Gray Hair, are safe and easy to use. In most of the instances, they are devoid of side effects. So, start using this simple but efficient permanent solution for grey hair and have a happy hair. Also know how to stop gray hair by home remedies.



Amal possesses astringent properties that can reduction of the cells and therefore lock the color naturally. But, it needs some support for this. So, add henna to amla powder, amla juice or amla oil to get the required properties. Amla will tone down the red and helps in producing a much deeper, browner tone in henna Natural Remedies for Gray Hair Treatment.


  • Lemon juice- one cup
  • Amla Powder or Amla paste or amla juice- 2 parts

Directions to Prepare:

  • Mix henna paste or powder to Amla and let them sit for 5 minutes
  • Add lemon juice as per consistency without adding the lemon seeds.
  • Mix all the ingredients well and apply it to your hair from roots to the tips and leave for 45-50 minutes.
  • Rinses your hair with normal water, and leave it to air dry it. Do not use hair dryers after applying the Henna-Amla Hair Pack.



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