Flatulence Symptoms, Causes , Flatulence Treatment and Prevention

What Is Flatulence?

is passage of excessive gas from gastro intestinal tract. This gas is accumulated due to either deglutition during drinking and eating or collection of gases produced during digestion which include gases like hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide. A foul smell is also associated with Flatulence and the sound production is due to annual sphincter vibration. Normal gas production is 6 to 20 times per day, if gases are produce more frequently than 20 times it is considered a disease. It is actually a Latin word which means “a blowing, a breaking wind”.

 Excessive Flatulence:

If you have Excessive Flatulence, the issue can frequently be solved by creation changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Chronic Flatulence:

Chronic Flatulence can be a sign of an underlying digestive situation like irritable bowel disease or lactose intolerance.

Flatulence Causes:

Flatulence Causes can vary from minor problems to potentially fatal ones. These include accumulation of gas producing foods such as broccoli, raisins, lentils, apple etc. Fermentation of these food products by yeast and prokaryotes produces gases in GIT. Other causes include constipation, medicines, bowel obstruction, crohn’s disease and hormonal level changes. Excessive mucous production due to nausea and esophageal reflux disease can also lead to flatulence.

Flatulence Symptoms:

Flatulence Symptoms are pain, bloating and abdominal distention due to the trapped wind which can be there due to irritable bowel syndrome, increasing in abdominal girth increase in flatus volume, foul smell and loss of voluntary control over its passage.

Flatulence Treatment:

Anti flatus drugs are recommended for the Flatulence Treatment but they have multiple side effects such as allergic reaction and are usually unsafe for pregnant women. Flatulence herbal product is natural product which will convert the gas in small bubbles so that it can be easily passed and relieve pressure. Other ways of controlling flatulence are avoiding chewing gum, smoking, carbonated drinks, flatus producing food and Herbs for Flatulence. Use of this herbal product can save you from the next social embarrassment.

Flatulence Complication:

This problem can lead to depression and eating disorders if left untreated. Other then this it can be causes of great social embarrassment.

Flatulence Prevention:

It can be easily prevented by avoiding flatus producing diets such as foods including vegetables such as artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, peas, radishes, raw potatoes,  beans, legumes, wheat, wheat barn, eggs, packed foods that contain lactose such as breads, cereal, salad milk and other dairy products and some fruits.

Flatulence Environmental Aspect:

It is believed that green house gas methane which is released 20% from the live stock is due to flatus gas but in reality 90-95% of it is released during exhaling or burping.

By : Natural Herbs Clinic