All that is to know about Benign Essential Tremor

What is Benign Essential Tremor?

A neurological movement disorder marked by fine involuntary tremor of different body parts is called Benign Essential Tremor. The part most commonly affected is upper limb while less commonly different head parts including palate, tongue and voice can be affected. Difficulty in articulating voice is also experienced. The signs and symptoms of the disease can appear at any age but it normally become apparent in adulthood. The disease is caused due to genetic mutations. Benign essential tremor herbal product by natural herbs clinic is the best treatment available to combat this disease.

Benign Essential Tremor Causes

The Benign Essential Tremor Causes is autosomal gene mutation which is passed on to families. The genes which are thought to be affected are FET1 gene on long arm of 3rd chromosome and ETM2 gene on short arm of 2nd chromosome. Studies conducted by natural herbs clinic and several others have shown that 5 out of 1000 people suffer from this disease out of which most were adults aged over 35 years.

Benign Essential Tremor Symptoms

The one and only Benign Essential Tremor Symptoms is tremor. Presence of other symptoms along indicates other disease. The tremors start for the hands and are not present all the time in initial stages. The symptoms progresses from upper limbs to wards lower limbs and head and worsen with time. The tremors might get worse with stress, anger, height of emotions, tiredness and temperature extremes. The experts at natural herbs clinic observed that tremors are not constant and can be controlled by working with the effected hand or any other effected body part.

Benign Essential Tremor Diagnosis

The benign essential tremor diagnosis is done on the basis of clinical examination and ruling out other conditions. To do so blood tests and brain scans might be needed. Definite criteria for the clinical diagnosis are bilateral tremors be it kinetic or postural while no other neurological disorder is present.

Benign Essential Tremor Differential Diagnosis

Some other conditions which can mimic benign essential tremor includes cerebellar tremor, dystonia, enhanced physiological tremor, isolated chin tremor, isolated voice tremor, movement disorders, orthostatic tremor, palatal tremor, rubral tremor, writers tremor, psychogenic tremor, drug induced tremors, metabolism related tremors and toxin related tremors.

Benign Essential Tremor Treatment

The medications which are sometimes suggested for this disease are propranolol and primidone but they have several side effects. The best product that is available for its Benign Essential Tremor Natural Treatment herbal product made by natural herbs clinic. It is made of totally natural herbal products and so is free from any side effects. Thalamic brain stimulation and thalamotomy are the two invasive procedures that are sometimes recommended to combat with this disease.

Benign Essential Tremor Prognosis

the experts at Natural Herbs Clinic observed that the disease tend to worsen with time and hence known as progressive disease. The disease, if severe can affect quality of life but doesn’t reduces the life span.