6 Natural Treatment for Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia Gravis is described by weakness and fast fatigue of the voluntary muscles. This situation is more common in female younger than 40 and in male older than 60. This condition is believed to effect from an immune dysfunction which causes the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to become less effective. Various muscle groups are more generally affected than others and include the eye muscles, face and throat muscles and muscles in the arms and legs.

Natural Treatment for Myasthenia gravis

The Treatments of Myasthenia Gravis disease focus on altering one’s immune system so that fewer antibodies are produced and therefore the muscle can restore its acetylcholine receptors. Maybe the most commonly used initial medication is prednisone. In addition various patients will take a medication called mestinon or celcept. This does not treat the underlying problem but can get better the Myasthenia Gravis symptoms. Medications are mostly to suppress the immune system to stop the production of antibodies that kill the cells.

Myasthenia Gravis Natural Treatment

Medical treatment is critical for this disease. Natural Treatment for Myasthenia Gravis can also help a patient to manage with the Symptoms of Myasthenia GravisHerbs which can be used to treat this disorder consist of Asian Ginseng, Echinacea, Gingko Biloba, Winter Cherry and Astragalus. Dietary recommendations need to be followed. Deep breathing exercises are also helpful for patients suffering from this situation.

Most of the patients of myasthenia gravis can be treated effectively by the help of natural remedies. Check out how you can cure the problem of this disease with the help of Natural Remedies for Myasthenia Gravis.

Try Echinacea Root Tea

Echinacea Angustifolia is the botanical name of this herb. It is also called “Purple Cone Flower’’ colloquially. This herb is native to Europe and it as well grows in North America. Echinacea get better the immune system functioning and boosts the health and energy of the body. Echinacea root enhance the number of white blood cells or leukocytes in the human body, which helps to prevent malfunctioning of the immune system.

Try Echinacea Root Tea

Diet Recommended

Because the majority of Myasthenia Gravis conditions are related to depletion and shortage of Spleen Qi, bitter and cold natured food are advised against. This includes foods such as: water chestnut, persimmon, tomato, peppermint, water-melon, and bitter gourd. Raw and chilled fruit and vegetables should be avoided as well.

Diet Recommended

Use Astragalus

Astragalus is also recognized by other names such as Milk Vetch, Loco Weed, Goat’s Horn and Green Dragon. It is also called Huang Qi in China. Astragalus is recognized botanically as Astragalus Membranaceus. This immunostimulant herb has the capability to boost the ability of the body to area off diseases by ensuring the correct functioning of the immune system.

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This medication is produced from the plant of moss huperzia serrata. It is a traditional Chinese medication. It is very helpful for the disease of myasthenia gravis. In 1980s Qiancengta find out by the Chinese scientists and they found it extremely helpful in Myasthenia Gravis Natural Treatment. Now it is very popular all over the world. It is a natural remedy with zero side effects and hence this natural remedy is easily acceptable by everyone.


Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), also recognized as ling zhi in China, and grow up on decaying logs and tree stumps. Reishi occurs in six different colors, but the red variety is most generally used and commercially cultivated in East Asia and North America. It has been not compulsory, but not scientifically verified, that ganoderma lucidum may help treat myasthenia gravis.

Reishi Mushroom

Eye patches

Myasthenia Gravis Alternative Treatment wearing an eye patch from time to time may help decrease eye weakness because symptoms are worsened by physical activity. Several doctors may suggest wearing a single eye patch when reading or watching television and switching it between eyes periodically.

Eye patches

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Home Remedies for Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus

Unfortunately, conventional medicine still has not been able to come up or discover definitive Lichen Planus cure even today. Although it can be treated, its possibilities of actually having a cure are still pretty much out of reach, at least in the conventional medicine sense. For purposes of discussion, we have to obviously differentiate other medicine from conventional medicine. It cure seems to have been found in certain branches of different medicine, mostly homeopathy and the East’s Ayuverda. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for conventional medicine. But what contributes to the elusiveness of the ultimate cure of this? That is what we will try to figure out in this topic.

Treatment of Lichen Planus

Once you observe these symptoms, do not wait too long to treat the lichen planus. In most cases, the symptoms are not severe enough and will simply go away over time. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of the symptoms become full blown and it will be more complicated to treat at that point in time.

For Treatment of Lichen Planus, you can take prescribed medications. Antihistamines are useful in helping to treat lichen planus. Vitamin A in the form of ointments and creams are also considered to be useful. It can be expected that this disorder will disappear after a few months or after a longer amount of time. As well, ensure a healthy diet and lifestyle to boost your immune system.

Keep in mind, there is no Cure for Lichen Planus. The point of treatment, therefore, is to help provide you with relief from the disease until it finally goes away on its own. If you are not comfortable using corticosteroids or ultraviolet light therapy, you still have a few options. In fact, a good bath and a few cool rags might be all you need.

One of the most popular Natural Remedy for Lichen Planus is Oats: these are one of the power foods which will be readily available in those health conscious freaks and its are Natural Remedies For Lichen Planus. You know the benefits of eating oats, but did you know that they also help treat lichen planus? Yes it’s true. Having an oats infused bath will help you get rid away of that skin irritation. Mixing oats in warm water and applying the smooth paste on the lichenoid lesions will keep itching away thereby settling the inflammation. This should be done on a regular basis to get the desired effect.

Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil

There has not been any study to establish the healing effect of Coconut Oil on lichen planus yet. But numerous patients have reported significant improvement to complete Lichen Planus Natural Treatment after oil pulling with coconut oil or applying coconut oil on the affected area. Coconut oil has a soothing effect on itchy and dry skin.

Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil

Spend Time in the Sun

A study and a case report have recommended that oral lichen planus is linked with a vitamin D deficiency. This sunshine vitamin is linked with our immunity, and we know that some cases of lichen planus are an autoimmune reaction.14 15 Spend some time in the sun, exposing the affected areas to sunlight, and eat vitamin D foods like tuna or salmon and egg yolks.

Spend Time in the Sun

Aloe Vera

Did you know that the small little green plant outside your window has so many properties? Aloe Vera can do wonders for health and so is Natural Treatment for Lichen Planus. Local application of Aloe Vera extract can soothe your skin and help get you rid of those ugly looking pigmented patches. It also gets better the skin texture.

Aloe Vera

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Natural Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating On Face

Sweating is an average condition that occurs when the temperature inside the body gets increased; as a result unwanted substances are thrown out in the form of sweat. The body produces sweat to cool the body system in such hot conditions. Sweating generally occurs when there is stress and anxiety in the mind, which gets reflected in the form of sweat from the body. Sweating is a essential function which cannot be ignored or stopped from happening.

Excessive sweating which is otherwise termed as Hyperhidrosis can affect the armpits, hands (palm), feet and face of the body. It affects the whole body system. Too much sweating can even be a hereditary one. There are two kinds of Hyperhidrosis that an individual can experience. The primary Hyperhidrosis is generally not caused by any disorder in the body, which can be cured by natural means. They are just the sweating that is found excess as a result of over work or stress. The secondary Hyperhidrosis is one that happen all over the body as a effect of diabetes, thyroid and menopause.

Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Natural Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Treatment for Hyperhidrosis can be really effective and have helped various sufferers in their life. For people who don’t create excess sweat the Natural Remedies for Hyperhidrosis can be tried to prevent from excess sweating. Simple habits like taking bath two times a day, wearing loose clothes to permit enough air circulation and avoiding spicy foods can decrease excess sweat. Obese people can experience too much sweating. This is because their body goes out of shape. Even if they try to do a small work they sweat a lot. It is good to do exercise regularly to keep the body fit and healthy. Practice yoga and meditation which will make your mind stress free.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Trust this miracle plant to do everything it is better Hyperhidrosis Herbal Treatment– right from giving a better skin to help in controlling facial sweating. On the other hand, this one is a more watered down version of the popular Aloe Vera moisturizers. When applied to the skin, it has a nice cooling effect. This makes it mostly useful during high humidity. Aloe Vera works great as a temporary fix – for 2-3 hours. So, if you have got yourself a date or an essential presentation, applying Aloe Vera can be a great fast remedy.

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Vinegar and Honey

Vinegar and Honey

Natural Treatment for Hyperhidrosis we are talking about a concoction of apple cider vinegar and honey which you can ingest as is. Combine two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and the same teaspoons of honey and consume the drink on an empty stomach for 3 days. Apart from controlling perspiration, it will as well help you drop surplus weight – yes, kill two birds with one stone.

Sage Tea

Sage Tea

Sage tea works as a great Hyperhidrosis Treatment control stop excessive sweating on face because it contains high levels of tannic acid which works as a natural astringent. So, you can drink two cups of sage tea for at least one week to see hopeful results. To get ready sage tea, boil a teaspoon of dried or two teaspoons of fresh sage leaves in a cup of water for about 10 minutes. You may take sage extract as well. In addition, you can soak this herb in water for a day or two and apply the resultant mixture on your face.

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Natural Treatment for Urethritis

Urethritis is the inflammation of the mucosa of the urethra. This situation manifests with burning and pain along the way of the urethra which boost during urination. The common urge to urinate may occur. With acute, harsh disease sometimes it is not possible to urinate at all. There may be pus and mucus discharged from the canal. Sufferers may or may not have a fever as a sign. Urethritis is caused by different infectious agent’s bacteria, protozoa, viruses, or fungi, chemical agents or trauma catheterization. Acute urethritis need the medical awareness of a professional, lab work-up, and sometimes repeated courses of therapy.

Natural Remedies for Urethritis

Conventional medical treatment is generally to recommend antibiotics for 3-14 days, depending on the severity of the infection. In severe cases, IVs may be administered or hospitalization ordered. Among “alternative,” Natural Remedies for Urethritis, a well-known aid in preventing UTIs in women is drinking unsweetened cranberry juice, which appear to have the effect of dropping the bacteria’s adhesion to bladder cells.

Green Tea

The recognized antioxidant and immune-improving components of green tea make it a wonderful remedy if you are suffering from painful urination. If you drink 1-2 cups of green tea for every day, the catechins and volatile components will get to work on your body, reducing inflammation and pain, while seeking out infections and neutralizing them.

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Juniper Berry

Even though this is far from the most general berry out there, it has been closely linked to urethral inflammation and possesses a number of positive qualities. Similar to cranberries, juniper berries benefit urethritis sufferers in much the similar way. It strengthens the immune system and soothes painful irritation, while preventing the infection from spreading to other parts of the reproductive system.

Cypress Oil

Cypress essential oil or pine essential oil can be used in extremely small amounts when mixed in water and then applied gently to the urethral opening. The powerful antiviral and antibacterial components of these essential oils can quickly clear up the infection and get rid of the pain.

Cat’s Claw

Urethritis Herbal Treatment with somewhat rare herb has antibacterial and antiviral effects, making it a powerful immune system booster that can help to get better quickly from a bout of urethritis. Cat’s claw can be taken in supplement form and is readily available in Europe and North America.


Remaining hydrated is necessary, as you will probably feel the urge to pee much more often; drinking water will help you flush out the infection and return your body to normal, for the most part when water is used in conjunction with a further formal medication or antibiotic.

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Graves’ Disease Natural Treatment

Graves’ Disease Natural Treatment

Graves’ disease is characterized by severe fatigue, bulging eyes and hair loss. The muscles and joints in the arms and legs also become extremely painful and patient may be plagued by anxiety, breathing problems, mood swings, hot flashes and heart palpitations. Today I am going to talk about Graves’ Disease Treatment and Diet plan; vitamins to take as well as some herbal remedies that can help you control these symptoms.

Let me first begin by telling you that curing Graves’ Disease is not an easy process. This is why it’s wise to consult with a competent natural endocrine doctor, as they will look for the underlying cause of the problem, and then recommend a Best Treatment for Graves’ Diseases protocol to help restore your health. So for example, if they determine that lifestyle factors are the culprit, such as stress and nutritional deficiencies, and then they clearly will help you to improved manage the stress in your life, eat better, recommend proper nutritional supplements, address any hormonal imbalances, etc.

Being a natural healthcare professional, I’m of course biased, and therefore suggest that people with Graves’ Disease consult with a natural endocrine doctor. After all, anti-thyroid drugs don’t do anything for the actual cause of the condition, and radioactive iodine should be a last resort due to the damage it does to the thyroid gland. When you think about it, there really is not much also lose by speaking with an expert, but there is a lot to gain, and it just might be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Alternative Treatment for Graves’ Disease also involves avoiding foods that may exacerbate the disorder. These foods include broccoli, sweet potatoes, almonds, and wheat. People affected with Graves’ disease are also asked to avoid caffeine, sugar, and artificial sweeteners when on an alternative diet. A good diet would have whole grains, fresh vegetables, and proteins.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids essential fatty acids found in salmon and other fish, olive oil, and walnuts keep your body healthy and strong.
  • Bugleweed, Lemon balm, Motherwort and Passionflower Herbs for Graves’ Disease have been connected with monitoring and regulating too much endocrine activity which can lower the levels of thyroid hormone in your body, thus lessening the effects of Graves’ Disease.
  • Vitamin C- for the immune system; Vitamin A and Vitamin E for your hair and skin. Make sure you take it with food or after meal. Foods rich in vitamin D are an important Graves’ Disease Eyes Natural Treatment.
  • If you are suffering from Graves’ Disease, applying cool compresses to your eyes is one way to lubricate your eyes while also providing soothing relief it is a better Natural Treatment for Graves Disease.
    Making berries your snack of choice. Fruits for example blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are a brimming source of antioxidants.
  • The Natural Remedies for Graves Disease is an anti-inflammatory diet, and supplements to control symptoms. Cleaning up the diet, and removing offending foods and chemicals is mandatory if you wish to get anywhere using natural therapies.

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How to Get Rid Of Eye Bags Permanently

Eye Bags are caused due to need of sleep, surplus alcohol consumption and some time it’s genetic. People moreover face this problem due to regular staring at a computer. Too much exposure to sun and allergies can also cause puffy eyes. You can always discuss with a doctor for knowing the exact reason behind your under eye bags.


But looking for the right Best Treatment for Eye Bags requires you to learn which ingredients can really bring forth the results you are looking for and not just half-hearted and semi-delivered results. Here are the ingredients you ought to try:

Eye Serum

An effective eye serum should contain ingredients proven to get the work done; so, it is essential to understand the major causes of puffiness around the eyes so as to know the ingredients that would effectively solve the problem.

Do not Eat Junk Foods

Do not eat junk foods and fatty foods in your last meal before hitting the sack. This will just make the problem worse. Stick to healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables all the time in order to help improve your vision and the components of your eyes.

Facial Exercises

A popular Treatment for Under Eyes that you may want to try involves different facial exercises. This method is fairly new but many people have found it to be very useful. The exercises can help to firm up the ligament and skin connective tissue web under your skin aside from tightening the skin itself. A simple exercise involves keeping two of your fingers underneath your eyes over the bags and then closing your eyes while looking upwards and holding for five seconds while placing gentle finger pressure over the eye bags. Getting sufficient sleep also aids to stop eye bags.

Drink Plenty of Water

Possibly you already have experienced having dull and dry skin due to drinking too much alcohol. Maybe you have taken notice of your eye bags after drinking heavily the previous night. Drinking a lot of water everyday is the best recommendation you could get. Sufficient fluid in your body is essential in maintaining younger looking skin. Water flushes out toxins as waste product in natural way. Though, if bags under your eyes persist, it could be an indication of liver or kidney problem. It is good to discuss with your doctor first for confirmation.

Grapeseed oil

A quality Natural Treatment for Eye Bags should also contain Grapeseed oil; this is particularly effective at repairing the skin around the eyes. Haloxyl and Homeo Age are also necessary ingredients to look for in an excellence eye cream because they work together in synergy with Eyeless to help remove bags, wrinkles and dark circles; these are 100% natural ingredients that do not have any negative effect on your body.

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22 Best Natural Home Remedies for Vitiligo treatment

As per an estimate, about 1.5% of people in the world are affected by Vitiligo.

Vitiligo (leucoderma) is a distressing skin condition marked by gradual loss of melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing melanin pigment in skin layers which results in irregular white patches.

The only physical discomfort associated with Vitiligo is the intolerance to sunlight, but it applies only when a large area of skin is exposed directly to sunlight. Vitiligo is an otherwise benign skin condition that causes no physical harm.

However, Vitiligo Causes great psychological stress and embarrassment to the patient which can be more painful than any physical pain. The condition thus, besides being a medical problem, also becomes a social stigma

Vitiligo can occur at any age, in either sex and on any part of the body. It is, however, more common in women than men. The most commonly affected areas are the hands, neck, back and wrist in that order.

Symptoms of Vitiligo:

Vitiligo usually starts with a small white spot and later develops into patches. These patches are pale in the beginning but became darker as time passes due increase in loss of melanin. As the spots enlarge, they merge into one another and, in the course of time, form a broad patch. In some cases, most of the skin of the body can be covered with white patches.

The spread of Vitiligo is usually slow and progressive. The spots generally tend to grow symmetrically on both the sides of the body however in some cases, vitiligo spreads randomly all over the body.

Vitiligo can vary in size, shape, intensity of the loss of color and in the profile of their distribution. Some times Vitiligo becomes a chronic skin condition while in other cases it may even regress on its own.

This skin condition requires treatment by a dermatologist.

Causes of Vitiligo:

The exact causes for destruction of melanocytes which results in vitiligo is unknown.

Many false beliefs are prevalent about the reason for vitiligo. For one, it is not caused by eating fish and drinking milk at the same time.Similarly attributing vitiligo to eating other combinations of food such as pumpkin and milk, onion and milk etc. are incorrect.

Vitiligo is also not caused by any germs. Part of the possible reason for Vitiligo includes:

Autoimmune disorder: Evidences strongly associateVitiligo with autoimmune component. People with vitiligo develop antibodies that directly destroy melanocytes. Furthermore, vitiligo is often associated with other autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disorders, suggesting the existence of common mechanisms.

Hereditary factors: Genes that play a role in the immune response are one of the established causative factor for vitiligo. Round 30 percent of patients have a hereditary history of vitiligo.

Accumulation of toxic radicals: Several studies suggest that, melanocytes are destroyed in those people whose body accumulate many toxic radicals. This abnormal accumulation of radicals result in destruction of melanocytes.

Nervous secretion: Researchers have also collected evidences that destruction on melanocytes could be related to the release of toxic chemicals from nerve endings in the affected areas.

Nutritional deficiencies: Many naturopaths believe that vitiligo may be caused by nutritional deficiencies caused by a intake of faulty diet comprising of denatured Foods like white flour, white sugar and tinned products which are low in nutrients.

Other triggers: Researchers also suggest other external triggers like injury to skin, sunburn, mental distress and physical Illness as possible Causes of Vitiligo.

Is Vitiligo contagious?

Vitiligo is not contagious. It does not spread by contact, food or otherwise. It is also not a precancerous condition.

Natural Remedies for Vitiligo Treatment

Caveat: Vitiligo is characterized by an overly sensitive skin. Any remedies suggested here must be tried on small patches to test for possible skin allergies and infection. A full-fledged application must only be tried after you have tested these against your skin allergies and reactions.

  1. I) Say no to stress: Stress (physical or emotional) has been found to be the prime trigger of genealogical disturbances that result in and promote the growth of vitiligo. Indulge in creative pursuits to stay clear of emotional stress. Lifestyle changes to incorporate practices like meditation, yoga and other relaxation exercises is the best thing you can do arrest the growth of vitiligo.
  2. II) Psoralea seeds:  seeds soaked in the juice of ginger or tamarind seeds (to be replaced daily) for three days is perhaps the most time tested and best Home Remedy for Vitiligo. Psoralea seeds essentially replicate the effect of the sun tanning and is effective in restoration of skin color. After three days of soaking, the seeds should be rubbed with hands to remove their shell and should be dried in shade before being grounded into a powder. One gram of this powder should be taken daily with fresh milk for 40 days without interruption. The ground seeds should also be applied on the affected areas.

Psorela seeds are also used as an ingredient in ultraviolet phototherapy, the most common Treatment of Vitiligo.

Preferably, Psoralen should be used only under experts guidance as they might otherwise have some side effects.

III) Radish Seeds: Radish seeds are very valuable in treating vitiligo. Approximately 40 grams of finely pounded radish seeds should be soaked overnight in a little amount of vinegar. The paste should be applied on white patches and allowed to dry for around two hours or until it dries and comes out as scales. For even better results, a little white arsenic can also be added and allowed to soak overnight in the paste.

  1. IV) Basil leaves and lime juice: Basil leaves has vital anti-viral and anti-aging attributes which are beneficial for the skin. Basil leaves paste mixed with lime juice is also known to promote melanin production and is an effective home remedy for vitiligo. An extract of basil leaves mixed with lime juice should be applied up to thrice a day for up to 6 months for best results.
  2. V) Red clay: Red clay found on river beds is rich in copper content which helps in re-pigmentation of the skin. The clay should be mixed in ginger juice and applied over the white spots once a day. While red clay aids in re-pigmentation, ginger juice serves to increase blood flow to the affected spots.
  3. VI) Copper treated water: Drinking water stored overnight in copper utensils is effective in promotes production of melanin by melanocytes and is effective in toning the skin of a vitiligo affected person. Copper treated water should be taken instead of normal water by sufferers of Vitiligo.

VII) Turmeric: Turmeric mixed with Mustard oil is also a beneficial natural home cure for vitiligo. About 500 gms of turmeric should be hammered and soaked in eight liters of water at night. The mixture should be boiled in the morning till it reduces to 1/8th the original volume. The resultant liquid should then be strained and mixed with 500 gms of mustard oil. This mixture should then be heated until only oil is left. It should be applied on white patches every morning and evening for treating vitiligo.

VIII) Babchi seeds: Babchi seeds combined with tamarind powder is one of the best home remedies for vitiligo. Equal amount of both the seeds should be soaked in water for three to four days. They should then be shelled and dried in the shade before being made into a paste. The resultant paste should be applied to the white patches for a week. Some skins are sensitive to babchi seeds. If the application of paste causes itching or the white spots become red this treatment should be discontinued.

  1. IX) Khellin (Aka: Ammi visnaga). Khel is a Mediterranean plant with vital attributes that make it a beneficial home remedy for Vitiligo. Extract of Khel fruit, is chemically similar to the photosensitizing psoralen which is used for PUVA phototherapy. Many researches have established that a topical application and oral intake of Khellin extract had an efficacy comparable to that of psoralen under UV light therapy. Its dosage varies depending on the case, and treatment and should be used under a dermatologist’s guidance.
  2. X) Ginkgobiloba: Extract of ginkgo biloba given in a dose of 40mg, thrice a day has been found effective in arresting the growth of progressive vitiligo. Re-pigmentation has also been observed in some of the cases. Although promising, the results have not yet been confirmed by larger trials.
  3. XI) Goose foot: Goose foot taken as a vegetable twice daily, morning and evening is very effective for treating leucoderma. The  juice of the leaves of goose foot can also be used to apply on the patches.

XII) Neem: Drinking  one glass of neem juice daily is very beneficial  for treating leucoderma.

XIII) Pomegranate leaves: Take a handful of pomegranate leaves  and powder them fine.  Take about 8grams of this powder , twice daily, with a glass of water.

XIV) Neem: Drinking  one glass of neem juice daily is very beneficial  for treating leucoderma.

  1. XV) Turmeric: In about eight litres of water soak around 500 grams of turmeric . Boil till it is reduced by half.  Strain the liquid and add half a litre of mustard oil. Apply on the white patches twice a day , for at least two to three months.

XVI) Black gram: Powder black gram and add water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the affected areas  and wash off after it dries. Do this for about four to five months for better results.

 XVI) Ginger leaves: Take ginger leaves and powder it with poultice and apply this paste on the white patches.

 XVII) Figs: Eat a lot of figs in the raw form , as it purifies the blood and improves its circulation. Roast the figs and powder them and add water to it , to make a paste and apply this paste on the white patches in the skin.

 XVIII) Walnuts: Eat walnuts daily  for better results. Walnuts can also be powdered and add water to it and make a paste and apply it over the affected parts of the skin.

 XIX)Indian lilac leaves: Make juice  of Indian lilac leaves and drink this daily  twice for better results. Since this juice has essential minerals and compounds to effectively treat this condition ,it is a very good  home cure for leucoderma.

  1. XX) Leadwort: Make a paste of leadwort  root and water and apply over the white patches .


If vitiligo is caused by nutritional deficiency, regulation of diet becomes of prime importance. The dietary regimen should include food rich in:

XXI) Vitamin B9 and B12: As per a study conducted on a larger number of vitiligo
sufferers, it was found that 80% had a nutritional deficiency of Vitamin B9(folic acid) and vitamin B12. Cases of total repigmentation after 3 to 6 months of supplementation of these vitamins have also been recorded. Sufferers of
Vitiligo may thus stand in good stead by adding food naturally rich in vitamin B9(yeast extract, liver, dried herbs, sunflower seed) and Vitamin B12 (liver, milk, cheese, beef, chicken, mutton, pork, fish, ham, whole egg. and yoghurt into their diet.

XXII) Copper: Copper is an vital mineral required by the body. Its benefits are immense However for a vitiligo patient; two of its properties are of vital importance –

  1. A) Copper helps eliminate free radicals that destroy melanocytes
  2. B) Copper helps produce melanin

A moderate intake of food rich in copper has been found to be very effective home remedy for vitiligo. Food rich in copper include liver, oysters, cocoa powder, chocolates, nuts, calamari and lobsters, dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seed, ground ginger, chill powder and soybean sprouts.

Caveat: Excess consumption of copper lead to diarrhea, senility, cramps, vomiting, hypertension, depression, schizophrenia and insomnia.

Foods to Avoid

  • Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol beverages and condiments
  • Avoid highly seasoned dishes.

General course of treatment for Vitiligo

If the spots are small it can be covered with makeup or other cosmetic camouflage techniques.

Dermatologist generally prescribe corticosteroid cream for Vitiligo but the advantage is usually temporary and not without side effects.

Ultraviolet phototherapy in combination with psoralen therapy is effective and popular in treatment of Vitiligo.

Surgical transplantation of melanocytes is a promising new development in the Treatment of Vitiligo, but it is still evolving besides being very expensive.

Herbal remedies using psoralea and related herbs like celery and wild herbs are one of the most popular modes of treating vitiligo as they offer a more effective, tolerable and economic alternative to corticosteroid medication.


Technically speaking, re-pigmentation or a total de-pigmentation does not cure vitiligo. All methods simply tend to conceal these patches. While there have been several cases of total re-pigmentation, a complete vitiligo cure that addresses the root causes of vitiligo has not been discovered yet.

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