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Peyronie’s Disease Home Treatment

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease is described by mild to severe curvature of the penis. It is estimate that approximately 1 to 2 men out of 100 are afflicted with this disease in North America with varying statistics in other area of the world. The cause is not certain but it is believed to be the result of injury which in turn forms plaque or a hard lump on the penis thus it is also known as ‘Penile Nodulaton Syndrome.’It begins with localized inflammation that can occur on any part of the penis where there is erectile tissue. Symptoms may grow slowly or show during the course of a day. In serious cases the hardened plaque can decrease flexibility and result in pain by forcing the penis to curve during an erection. Obviously this also makes sexual intercourse difficult, interfering with a couple’s physical and emotional relationship and causing a profound lack of self esteem in the man. Herbal Remedies for Peyronie’s Disease treatment offers by Natural Herbs Clinic are a combination of herbal ingredients which works properly without any side effects.

Herbal Remedies for Peyronie's Disease

Natural Herbal Remedies for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

For men with Peyronie’s disease who can barely perform under the sheets, here are Natural Remedies for Peyronie’s Disease that you can try at home. Check it out and see if it works for you.

Castor Oil

One of the most popular Herbal Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease is castor oil. A number of men with the said situation tried it and they are impressed with its result.

Buy a high quality castor oil. Put a small quantity of oil in your palm. Massage and rub onto the affected area. Apply a cotton bandage to keep the heat and pressure overnight. Do this for 12 weeks before bedtime to observe results.

Castor Oil


Peyronie’s Disease Vitamin E

Vitamins, mineral supplements and penile stretching exercises are some of the most common Natural Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease that are used by various men at home to treat the disorder before it worsens. Peyronie’s Stretching Devices are also rather popular among men who wish to utilize Peyronie’s home treatment to correct the curvature of their organ. These are particular types of gadgets that are known to treat curvature problems as much as 90%. These are also used by men who want to increase the size of their penis.

Vitamin E may not appreciably affect Peyronie’s Disease under these conditions. Its value is undoubtedly in the early stages of lesion development to help lessen oxidative stress. This makes it a valuable addition to natural therapies as the damaged tissue begins to remodel.

Vitamin E

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is an herb which used for Peyronie’s Disease Natural Treatment and comes in the form of capsule, tablet and ointment. This therapy has been known to present side effects of headache, upset stomach, dizziness and nausea in some patients.

Gotu Kola

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All there is to know about Peyronie’s Disease

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Curvature in penile shaft along with painful errections and fibrosed area in tunica albuginea, which is palpable, is known as peyronie disease. The curvature is more pronounce during errection but can also seldom be noticed in flaccid penis. The exact etiology of the disease is unknown. Erectile dysfunction because of penile shaft buckling or lack of rigidity after fibrosis can be seen. Compromised blood supply can also be the reason of this erectile dysfunction. There are several medical and surgical interventions available for the correction of this problem but peyronie’s disease herbal product by natural herbs clinic is by far the best treatment available.

Peyronie’s Disease Cause:

the exact Peyronie’s Disease causes is unknown but Vitamin E deficiency, use of beta blockers and increased serotonin levels are the most suspected cause by the experts at natural herbs clinic. Genetic involvement of HLA-B7 gene and trauma leading to micro vascular injury can also be the cause. The peyronie’s disease is also found associated with some risk factors of erectile dysfunction this includes age, obesity, smoking, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemias and psychological disorders.

Peyronie’s Disease Symptoms:

Peyronie’s Disease symptoms are variable. Patient may present with penial pain which is more exaggerated during errection, penial angulation, a palpable plaque at the acute side of curvature, the site of plaque presenting as indentation in the shaft and erectile dysfunction. The symptoms may be progressive and the plaque may proceed towards calcification. Despite the previous believe this disease doesn’t resolves spontaneously and proper treatment is needed. The disease normally occurs in men aged over 40 to 70 years but it can occur in younger people as well. The reported cases are 0.3 – 3 % but the incidence is thought to be more than this as most of the people don’t report this disease.

Peyronie’s Disease Diagnosis:

Intracavernous injection with Duplex ulterasonography is done to detect the shaft deformity. Normally clinical examination is enough for the diagnosis of the disease. The angulation should be measured both before and after the errection. Collagen interposed within two layers of elastic fibers is found on histological examination.

Peyronie’s Disease Prognosis:

After the treatment the prognosis of the disease is judged on the basis of two things first improvements in penial curvature and plaque second return of normal sexual function. However surgical intervention is only indicated when symptoms last for at least 12 months, if degree of curvature interferes with normal sexual functioning and erectile dysfunction is accompanied along. Further research is being undertaken by the natural herbs clinic and several other experts to determine the proper cause and most appropriate course of treatment for the disease.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment:

both medical and surgical interventions are presently undertaken for the Peyronie’s Disease treatment. Oral preparations of vitamin E, potassium aminobenzoate and temoxifen are given but these medications have side effects and won’t even be effective in several cases. Peyronie’s disease herbal medication by Natural Herbs Clinic is the best treatment available for the management of this disease.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Causes

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder of connective tissue causing chronic inflammation of tunica albuginea of the penis. As a result, fibrous scar tissue grows in the soft tissues producing abnormal bends in the penis at the time of erection. In advanced cases, the penis will be abnormally curved causing pain during erection. These fibrous plaques in the connective tissue sheath are responsible for the erectile dysfunction, the most prominent feature associated with Peyronie’s Disease.

Peyronie’s Disease Causes:

The exact Causes of Peyronies Disease is not known but multiple factors have been held accountable for the development of this disease. Among peyronies causes, the most widely accepted cause has been attributed to be the tissue injury or rupture of a blood vessel in the penis during sexual intercourse. The person might not even feel the trauma but the growth of scar tissue or rupturing of vessels produce powerful painful bends during erection leading to erectile dysfunction. The disease transmission has also the hereditary tendency being transferred from parents to offspring via defective genes. Certain drugs such as beta-blockers can also lead to this condition as its side-effect.

Peyronie’s Disease Symptoms:

The disease is commonly seen in middle-aged men but can also occur in older men or younger age group. The progression of the disease may be slow or have sudden onset developing overnight. It is non-recognizable when the penis is soft. However during erection, penis becomes curved due to fibrous plaque along with pain. Pain in some cases may be mild and eventually disappear. The plaques may sometimes also be present in some other elastic tissues of the body such as hands and legs. Other Peyronie’s Disease Symptoms include narrowing of penis, shortening of penis, difficulty in penis expansion, inability to perform during sexual intercourse because it becomes difficult to maintain posture, pain during intercourse and problems with penetration.

Peyronie’s Disease Diagnosis:

It can be easily recognized by the general practitioner or urologist through physical examination of penis. In peyronies disease diagnosis, ultrasound gives conclusive proof of the condition making evident the fibrous scar tissue injury. Sometimes biopsy is indicated by the clinician if there is rapid advancement of the disease in order to rule out any malignancy.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment:

In most cases of peyronie’s disease, treatment is not required and the condition resolves on its own with in a period of few years. If the pain is mild and there is no difficulty in performing sexual intercourse, no treatment is prescribed to the patient. In other cases, the peyronies treatment by combined therapy with colchicine and vitamin E has proved to be quite effective. Surgical treatment is advised in advanced forms. Manual stretching self-administered by the patient and devices are now being studied but are not preferably prescribed by doctors due to their harmful side-effects.

There are several available Natural Remedies for Peyronie’s Disease, and some of them may be used in combination with others. It’s important to know that if you have Peyronie’s disease, you are not alone and there are treatments available.

Peyronie’s Disease Natural Treatment herbal product is free of such side-effects and leads to rapid and complete cure of painful bends in the penis owing to the presence of pure herbs in the mixture.  It is a trusted product for miraculous recovery of peyronies disease.

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