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Post Polio Syndrome- A Sequel That Could Strike The Polio Survivors

Post polio syndrome, as its name states is the condition that tends to strike the survivors of polio anywhere from ten to forty years following recovery from the initial polio attack. The condition is described by further muscle weakening that was formerly injured due to polio. It is often a gradual progressing condition normally mostly occurring after an emotional or physical trauma, accident or illness. The effective treatment possible for Post Polio Syndrome offered by natural herbs clinic by the product named post polio syndrome.

Post Polio Syndrome Symptoms:

According to the professionals of Natural Herbs Clinic, Symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome may include exhaustion, fatigue, muscle atrophy, muscle weakness, painful muscles and joints, sleep disorders, low back pain, sensitivity to heat and cold, muscle twitching, difficulty wile swallowing or breathing.

Level to which the survivors of polio will tend to suffer from post polio syndrome depends on the severity of the initial polio attack. Polio sufferers those had the mild symptoms will also have the mild signs of post polio syndrome. Survivors of polio those older than ten, had paralysis in all their four limbs, had hospital care or required mechanical assistance in order to breathe tend to have more severe Post Polio Syndrome Symptoms.

Post Polio Syndrome Risk Factors:

The risk factors for PPS include earlier diagnosis of polio in adult or teen years, earlier history of problems related to breathing linked with polio, lasting and serious muscle weakness ensuing from polio. Although, most patients of polio do not actually contract PPS, yet females tend to be at a greater risk than males.

Post Polio Syndrome Complications:

Few people with PPS also notice difficulty breathing, sleeping, swallowing and bearing cold temperatures.

Post Polio Syndrome Causes:

So far, the doctors have not concluded certain factors that causes post polio syndrome, however researchers assume that it could be one among the 3 possibilities.

  • Polio virus tends o become active once more, after lying dormant for the decades in victim’s cells.
  • Confirmation of impairment of neurotransmitters and production of numerous hormones in the brain.
  • Neurons those were partly damaged or undamaged took over the dead cell’s functions. Such nerve cells, not just perform their job, however the job of those damaged cells as well. Eventually those overworked cells deteriorates, thus re-emerge the symptoms of polio-like.

Post Polio Syndrome Diagnosis:

The diagnosis of post polio syndrome is actually made following thorough observation of the sufferer. Reviewing the medical records and asking regarding their symptoms of the earlier polio infection. In case needed EMG (electromyographic study will be conducted in order to determine about extremities which have the evidence of polio in the past. EMG is the test that can analyze the electrical activity in your muscle.

Post Polio Syndrome Treatment:

In order relieve pain of post polio syndrome; the doctor may prescribe you non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. For example ibuprofen and aspirin, plus hear application specifically on affected areas. Change in lifestyle such as avoid gaining weight, pace yourself, take nap, consume a balanced diet, exercise ( for muscle weakness) can also help you cope the condition efficiently. Medicines only prove to relieve pain, and do not prove to treat or cure the condition. Natural Herbs Clinic, the home of cure, offers Post Polio Syndrome Treatment, a product which has successfully treated PPS since years. it is prepared using hundred percent natural ingredients, thus no side effects