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Bell’s Palsy Treatment Facial Exercises

Bell’s Palsy involves irritation to the seventh cranial nerve. Facial muscle movements are controlled by this nerve, and when irritated could result in weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles. In most cases, only one side of the face is affected, and the happening of left or right side palsy is about equal and remains equal for recurrences.

Facial paralysis can be temporary or permanent. After nearly six months, most Bell’s Palsy patients, for instance, will recover totally. Stroke victims and trauma victims, however, often have to undergo treatments for months or even years. Even with surgery and steroids, some patients only make incomplete recoveries and are compulsory to live with crooked smiles, facial tics, and other abnormalities. For chronic cases, massage therapy, physical therapy, and facial exercises are all used to get better quality of life. In some cases, facial exercises have been shown to achieve unbelievable results in a matter of weeks.

Facial exercises are used to help patients get better movement after facial surgery, to help individual with speech disorders, and to increase the range of expressions for individual with facial nerve damage. A study conducted at Washington State University in 2010 documented the benefits of facial exercises on a woman who had had facial paralysis because a childhood bike accident. After only 6 weeks of facial exercises, she was able to retract her lip 50 percent more than at any time prior to the Treatment for Bell’s Palsy. In short, she was on her way to smiling after only 6 weeks.

Before you start to exercise, get common with your face. We suggest you print the diagram of the muscles and the list of the muscles’ actions. Refer to them as you exercise. Use them to get to know your facial muscles and what all muscle is doing as it moves. This can help you learn to isolate muscle movement as well as coordinate several muscle movements. Regaining balanced, symmetrical movements is solution to restoring the face as it was before.

By : Natural Herbs Clinic