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Sebaceous Cyst Home Treatment

Sebaceous cysts may be seen as lumps underneath skin generally in round shape but in different sizes. These cysts are not rough when touched. They might be usually found on face, ears, back, the entire scalp, and upper arm nevertheless they are able to happen anywhere in your body barring the palms of your hands and soles of the feet. In men, sebaceous cysts may be usually found on torso and scrotum, the places where there tend to be more hair. Sebaceous cysts have this name because they include sebum and because they create from sebaceous glands.

Sebaceous Cyst Natural Treatment

There are home remedies, which include use of common substance within the home unit can be used to cure the condition of the cyst development. Foremost, the lump should not be squeezed, scratched or punctured because by doing this it can irritate or inflame the lump and give room for infections or lead to bleeding, and therefore must be left to drain out naturally.

However, when the cysts cause pain and swelling of the skin, they should no longer be ignored. Below listed are tried and tested Sebaceous Cyst Natural Treatment.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a popular Natural Treatment for Sebaceous Cyst a wide range of skin conditions and its ability to speed up the healing process. It is a great natural source of pain relief and its antibacterial properties can help your cyst particularly if it has become infected.

Simply extract the gel from an aloe vera leaf by cutting the leaf along and apply the gel to your cyst once or maybe two times each day and you should start to see some large improvements before very long.


Ginger is one of those wonderful herbs for Sebaceous Cyst Herbal Treatment hat confer a variety of therapeutic benefits. It can be used to treat and ease pain related to lump cysts because of its anti-inflammatory and natural pain killing nature. The best way to get the most out of this herb is to include it into your diet but failing that, you can easily get hold of supplements.

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Lime Powder

Mix, some lime powder with water, to make a smooth paste. Apply this directly to the cyst. It can lead to some irritation but is an extremely effective remedy to treat inflammation.

Castor Oil

Dip a cotton swab in castor oil and apply it directly over the cyst. Then take a hot water bag and put it over the cotton swab. The heat of the water and castor oil will reduce the size of the cyst.


Boil some cabbage leaves in water and apply it to the cyst. Cover it with a clean, dry washcloth. It is a very helpful remedy for getting rid of the cyst.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has now been extensively recognized as not only a skin-friendly herb but as a herb that is good for your overall health. The anti-bacterial and pain relieving properties of aloe vera come to play when you want to get rid of the discomforts caused by your cysts.

By : Natural Herbs Clinic